Who we are?​

iGo.shopping is your one-stop online fashion shopping resource.   

We are your online directory for all things fashion. Our search engine integrates cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques to improve search rankings and give you the best experience by delivering the most relevant search results drawn from well over 5 million products from your favorite fashion stores across the globe, to the world’s top brands and anything in between.    

On our platform, you will find all your fashion items, compare prices, and land hot deals with the simple click of a button. Our vision is to grow to become a leading online fashion shopping engine for online shoppers searching for stores worldwide, products, and brands all in one website.   

Whether you are looking for fashion products, services, or information on the latest fashion trends, iGo.shopping is the place to begin your search.   

We also offer valuable insights, not only on the latest trends but also educational and informational resources, reports, and forecasts for marketers, brands, academia, media, and futuristic stores. 


Our mission​

iGo.shopping is committed to helping you easily find what you are looking for online with a few clicks. We have partnered with hundreds of top brands, fashion stores, merchants, and service providers to make your online search fast, fun, and memorable. 

Our tagline, “customer at heart” speaks of our endeavor to continuously find innovative ways of giving you a better experience finding just what you need in one place. Discover just anything from top trends, deals, and offers from top brands to anything fashion that you wish to discover or purchase. Whether you are looking for apparel, sportswear, footwear, costumes, fashion accessories, jewelry, textiles, or health & beauty products, iGo.shopping is your home of all fashion searches.   


What makes us different?​

iGo.shopping is anything but an ordinary search engine.   

Our aim is to transform your online shopping into an amazing and rewarding experience. We work round the clock to have you look your best in your own special style. Yes, our job is to ensure that you will spend less time getting your perfect outfit and more time looking your best.  

iGo.shopping has a dedicated team of fashion and beauty products who are responsible for building our database with all searchable fashion products and content to give you an easy time conducting your search.   

Not just that, you don’t have to always search to get what you want. Our website lets you tailor your search to be the first to get notifications on your email for big sales, offers, promotions, discounts, and availability of your most desired products from your favorite brands. Simply use the filtering tool to narrow down your search and notifications to your preferred brands, color, style, products, and trends.    


Our team 

At iGo.shopping, it is our endeavor to design innovative ways to help shoppers easily find all their fashion-related brands, products, services, and insights in one place without having to roam all over the internet. With the help of our dedicated team of professionals, iGo.shopping will grow to become the leading search engines in matters fashion. 

The iGo.shopping team comprises professional fashion designers, editors, retail marketers, and software engineers. These talented individuals work round the clock to build a rich pool of expertise to pursue iGo.shopping’s primary goal of giving you a rewarding online shopping experience and an easy time getting everything you need online.   


AI and machine learning-powered search engine

iGo.shopping leverages machine learning algorithms and smart recommendation algorithms to help shoppers discover products and information, receive customized feed, and enhance personalized search rankings. Our intelligent systems are powered to analyze shoppers’ search history and patterns to determine their preferences and then deliver the most relevant search results and recommendations for their queries. What’s more, we keep improving our systems to get smarter every day and deliver the best shopping experience to our visitors.  


Breaking down the numbers

2 out of every 3 visitors to our website will find what they are looking for instantly using our search engine. 

1 out of 2 of these customers will compare prices, make a decision, and make their purchase there and then. 

1 out of every 2 customers visit our site to find fashion insights and information. 

While growing to become the largest global online fashion search engine with a wide range of product listings by established fashion retailers who stock the world’s top fashion brands is our endeavor, our greatest fulfilment comes from catering for millions of online shoppers who desire to find all the products, services, and information they need in one website.  

Think of iGo.shopping as your best online shopping partner from designer labels, affordable apparel, ticking sportswear, luxury bags, trendy fashion designs, to the latest celebrity fashion news, we have made every effort to build a search engine that lets you search anything you are looking for and find it from the wide range of online stores that are listed with us.  


Insights at your fingertips

iGo.shopping also runs an informative blog where we regularly post tips and insights on the latest fashion trends from across the world. These insights are not only helpful to our consumers who are on a discovery mission but also to marketers, researchers, industry experts, and just anyone who loves fashion. 

Check our news articles, links to press releases, as well as information on the latest fashion trends, brands, and products on our blog. 


Offers, deals, and discounts!

Expect to find the best offers, deals, and discounts from different brands and retailers across the globe. Our editors work hand-in-hand with our partners to keep you updated with offers and discounts that you can take advantage of. Sign up for our newsletter to get exclusive discount codes in your email.  

To take advantage of the best prices, our search engines let you compare prices conveniently before checking out the stores that offer unbeatable prices.  


How it works?

To make your online shopping experience worthwhile, we have partnered with online fashion retailers, top brands, and fashion designers to bring together everything you need in one online shopping engine. Our partners gain by getting traffic to their websites and making sales while you gain by having an easy time finding what you need. This is way better than having to open scores of tabs searching for one product and comparing prices. 

What is in it for us? Commission! We earn a small percentage of our retailers’ sales when you check into their website and purchase something. 

A simple search on our engine for any fashion-related product will yield several results of the retailers who stock the product. Once you click on your preferred retailer, you will be checked out to their site where you will get all information about the product including its price, discount if any, purchasing and payment guidelines, as well as delivery information. 

Think of iGo.shopping as the shopping partner that helps you easily locate products and compare prices from your favorite online shops in one place. 

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