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Diesel Creates Denim Fabric that is Capable of Stopping Viral Activity

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The global pandemic has caused brands and retailers to reinvent the wheen and find new ways of adapting to the effects of the covid19 pandemic. Along the corridors of the textile industry, antimicrobial textiles have become the newest normal as consumers seek every possible means of protecting themselves from the novel coronavirus while still maintaining their style and fashion.

Diesel S.p.A. ViralOff®

Thanks to the concerted efforts by players in the textile industry, consumers can now be assured of their outfit preventing viral activity.

In the latest news, Diesel S.p.A., the renowned Italian clothing brand, has developed what seems like the greatest breakthrough in the textile industry so far. The soon to be introduced antimicrobial technology will protect consumers from contracting coronavirus and still maintain their stylish look. The solution tagged ViralOff®, is timely not just as a response to the pandemic but also as a boost to a brand that has found its way into the lives and wardrobes of celebrities.  

ViralOff® treatment for Diesel’s 2021 spring and summer denim outfits is designed to stop progress for up to 99% of viral activity on the fabric within 24 hours. The virus-fighting denim from Diesel steps up the response to this virus in the new trend on fabric protection. The treatment that has been developed in partnership with Polygene, the Sweden-based company that supplies textile treatment, gives Diesel 100% exclusive right to use the treatment on denim products globally.

The luxury fashion industry has been hit significantly by the surge of COVID-19 and it makes sense for it to join in the antiviral intelligent technology move. As much as it supports the global efforts to combat the disease by promoting the use of hand sanitizers and masks, this is the least that can be done. Designers have gone all out to try various ways of increasing the value of their products in line with keeping their customers safe.

Polygiene’s contribution

Polygiene is a company popularly known for producing chemicals that make fabrics resistant to body odor. Known as Odor Crunch®, this treatment is also effective in protecting against odors from external sources. Polygene started experimenting with antiviral chemical solutions as a response to the SARs epidemic that happened in the early 2000s. This experience did influence its current innovation, the ViralOff® fabric treatment.

ViralOff® treatment which is applied on the jeans fabric at the end of the production line works by reacting with the main protein on the virus, a process that prevents the virus from attaching itself to the fabric. This new development is expected to reduce the chances of a person contracting the COVID-19 virus though touching contaminated parts of the clothing. This same ViralOff® technology has been effectively put to use by producers of face masks including Maloja and P&S Healthcare.

Diesel has indicated that it would use the treatment on a few selected denim jean collections that are not yet on the shelf and are expected to be in the market by the summer of 2021. ViralOff® treatment will gradually be expanded to other product lines under Diesel the brand in the future. The Italian based Diesel Company has joined the fight against covid19 with a mechanism that will complement the social distancing, face masks, and use of plastic barriers in cash registers. Talk about a strategy to modernize its approach while at the same time staying true to its luxury and fashionable touch.

Word of caution from The Center for Disease and Control Prevention

Experts at the Center for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) indicates that COVID-19 is more contagious when people are in close contact with each other than when they come in contact with infected surfaces. CDC maintains that people should sanitize their hands frequently as it is still possible to catch the virus from touching contaminated surfaces. Additionally, research is still being done to establish how the new coronavirus relates to fabrics and other clothing materials. Available data has it that coronaviruses tend to last longer on nonporous surfaces like artificial fibers including polyester as compared to porous-surfaced fabrics like cotton.

This notwithstanding, the new wave of antiviral technology somehow contributes to making people less exposed consequently flattening the curve caused by the surge of the new coronavirus.

The benefits of ViralOff® treatment

As a high-end luxury clothing company, Diesel is guided by its philosophy “For Successful Living” that makes it ready to adopt processes and technologies that will make its customers live life at its best. ViralOff® treatment adoption comes as an important step by the company in responding to the protective needs of its customers.

This technology comes with a sustainability benefit. The treatment is only used once during production but lasts a lifetime on the garment. This treatment, it is said, has an additional advantage of reducing the wash cycle counts to give the fabrics a longer life while maintaining their shine. This in turn is a vital contribution to sustainable earth as it reduces the water and energy consumption per wearer. Through the integrated odor control technology, the solution helps consumers maintain a clean and fresh appearance while washing the clothes less frequently.

Other companies joining in the race

Similarly, another Italian high-end fashion brand has opted in the antiviral trend. Albini Group Company released its ViroFormula Fabric, an antiviral and antibacterial textile treatment. The company specializes in the production and supply of fabrics for dress shirts to luxury fashion groups like Kering, Prada, and Armani. Unlike the ViralOff®, a treatment that is only applied once and is always “On”, the ViroFormula is in liquid form and is applied on textiles every time laundering is done to sanitize and clean germs off their surfaces.

Wrapping up

Polygiene ViralOff® technology contributes to Diesel’s commitment to establishing progressive solutions for its clients. The company has always endeavored to surpass customer needs in terms of comfort, style, trends, and safety. The rolling out of ViralOff® denim treatment is an indication that Diesel is committed to innovation and adaptability to continue meeting the client’s protective and aesthetic needs.

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